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Head Coach: Patrick Leahy

Assistant Coach: Darren Majeran, Joey Cavilla, Patrick Leahy

2019 Tier 1 South Zone Champions & Provincial Bronze Medalists

The 2019 LCI Rams will be remembered. A 13 hour bus ride to Elko Nevada turns into a 20 hour bus ride as we get stranded in Boulder, Montana because of bus issues. I have never seen a happier group of boys deal with a bad situation. Not one complaint. Just smiles. Just friends. Grade 10s laughing with grade 12s…I had never seen that before. I had never coached a team that was so close. We lost our first game to Raymond…for most of our history at LCI, that would be the kiss of death to a season. But this group was not deterred by adversity, as I learned in Elko. This group persevered and were the last team from the south standing. We made it all the way to the provincial semi final. We went into the 4th quarter down 10-1. It was with in reach. We ended up falling short as you some times do in life despite your best efforts. Again, no one complained, or unraveled. This team was cut from some strong cloth. Thank you to the 2019 players because you fought until the end. - Coach Darren Majeran